Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thurs 20th June: Happiness Recycled

With only a week to go until Glastonbury and in midst of a Summer of music festivals across Europe it's time to start planning outfits, dying hair, decide what wellies to wear............ and generally what else you need to take ............. baby wipes, torch, English breakfast in a can ........ all of which will end up in a pile of rubbish when you pack up to leave and scramble for the nearest exit to take off your mud caked garms and find a real loo...........
Well here, is a a gentle and proactive reminder from Coca-Cola to consciously de-clutter the grounds by making sure to recycle your waste at special bins provided on sites (see the project captured here).    A campaign has started visiting festivals in Scotland raising awareness to bin your bottles in the right way.  The initiative titled "Happiness Recycled" is a fun push to get more people thinking greener and ultimately all work as one to reduce our carbon footprint.

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