Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Weds 6th NOV: Margot Bowman for LUCKY

Sharing a studio with the powerhouse creative that is Margot Bowman, I'm privy to the plethora of projects that she is multi-tasking at one time.  Over the last two months she has dedicated any additional spare moment to this mammoth amount of motion graphics for her first animated music video.  Firstly she illustrated the characters and backdrops with ink, which she then scanned in as flat single images to move and manipulate into this complete cartoon promo.  The three members of the band LUCKY have been caricatured into the heroes of the narrative, who have lost their way in a future world inspired by the lyrics "Do you know what if feels like to not know who you are".  I have been in ear-shot since the very first meeting thru to the final premiere, and its been a fascinating process to have witnessed each of the complex and detailed stages to compile and sync.  No big PIXAR teams of animators here, just one dedicated and prolific Margot Bowman patiently applying her hyper-real world to a pop song.

Hear more from LUCKY at their Soundcloud and see them perform at Dalston Superstore tonight.

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