Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday 31st Jan: Behind the scenes on set with Walter Hugo & Zoniel for "Travelling Mac Fred On A Q-Tip For A Tribe Called Guess"

You will have noticed the hiatus that always happens around this time of year, as it gets close to fashion week and I go to ground focusing on making rather than typing.  This season I'm doing something different by holding an exhibition instead of a presentation or pop-up.  The main focus is a mini retrospective but threaded together by a narrative of new work.  Part of this process is a collaboration with artist / photography duo Walter Hugo and Zoniel.  Here are snaps from the shoot we had earlier in the week.  Walter usually achieves his pin-hole camera portraits with apparatus that requires a large set-up but with the recent help of GlobeTrotter creating a travelling version,  he can now be mobile.  The result of Kim's styling of my archive pieces and Zoniel's reinterpretation in pigment on paper will be unveiled on Thursday evening at KKOutlet for the private view.  More info to follow..........
(photo of Josh Quinton on set by Zoniel)

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