Saturday, 24 May 2014

Saturday 25th May: 'Everything All At Once' - 15 Folds I.R.L Gif exhibition

Congratulations Margot, Sean and Jolyon a.k.a 15 Folds.  The GIF project that usually resides as an online entity has made its way from the virtual world into I.R.L (In Real Life) in the form of an exhibition at Lyst Studios (formerly White Cube).  This is like nothing I have ever seen before which is a rare feat to achieve these days with emphasis of the art industry on making sales at trade-show style sales fairs.  Its totally fresh, unique and fun.  Its also totally absorbing.  On entering the space you are instructed to use your smartphone to log onto the WIFI and download their own APP.  From here you can start to navigate your way around the white room using your device as a viewer with colourful GIFS jumping out at you from nowhere when your screen aligns with each QR code.  Matthew Stone's contribution is particularity spell-binding as his image floats and slinks around in mid-air like a magic carpet flying and flapping, as apposed to just a regular static box of graphics.  Just look at the list of artists above - its a stellar showcase of previous contributors and newly commissioned names including Iris Van Herpen, Bart Hess, Werkhaus Ltd, Quentin Jones etc..............
This is a show not be missed - its going to open your eyes to the new frontier of experiential exhibitions......... and fill your eyes with joy in the form of moving magic-eye trickery.

'Everything All At Once' - 15 Folds I.R.L Gif exhibition
48 Hoxton Square, N1 6PB

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