Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tuesday 1st July: Glastonbury Festival - Day to Night

I can't believe it's come to that time of year again!  Glastonbury Festival is one third of my personal holy trinity of favourite annual things to do (side to side with Christmas & Notting Hill Carnival).  I have been going as much as possible every year for the last 17 years and last year was definitely the most magic for glorious weather.  I knew this miracle could never come around again so I was fully prepared for some proper traditional mud to wade thru this year!!  Fortunately it was bearable and the kind of density that sucks at your wellies as apposed to filling them (this differentiation comes from the depth and consistency which can be ankle or up to knee hight).   Here are my snaps which chart examples of activities in the 24hr party that cascades across the acres and acres of a Somerset Farm, full with music, art and dance.  It came to my attention on New Year's Eve that I am hippy which was a surprise but Ive since been embracing that realisation and this post probably reinforces every asset of the labelling!  Im totally addicted to chasing sunsets and at the emergence of blue creeping across the horizon of the fields at 4a.m each morning, I was ecstatic.  It's solstice and its the best place to celebrate!
Top to bottom:  Taking Isis to see Dolly Parton, Glastonbury "streetstyle" knitwear, Lizzie King at the Park Stage, a cosmically decorated van, the rainbow golden ticket, Greenpeace presence at the festival,  rainbows in the healing fields, Strummerville, tipee fields, spectrum of cagoules, MNEK backstage at Silver Hayes,  Stromae on stage,  TEED dj set in the Temple, Sunrise at the Stone Circle.

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