Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Weds 16th July: NIKE PROBRA

It would appear that my blog (and life) is becoming slightly fitness orientated!  Yesterday when I was out running with RunDemCrew someone shouted out from a pub "Get A Life".  Its weird because although I automatically felt sorry for them because I know I do have a life AND its gonna be much longer than theirs ........ I also remembered that I thought exactly the same thing until very recently!  Its only been one year since I discovered running and my life changed so completely and so much for the better because I now have a new untapped super power and finally get what all the fuss is about.  I can also spend the night sinking pints and smoking super kings but I also know that if I was to come into trouble on the way home, I could run and get myself out of the situation ASAP.  So who's having the last laugh?!
But back to the fashion bit .......... it might be possible to train in any trainers but there's no training without a sports bra!  So NIKE have acknowledged this fundamental piece of kit and spent 3 years developing the ultimate high-performance PROBRA solution after researching a broad spectrum of athletes feedback.  Yesterday I got to try it out at a bootcamp workout and breakfast along with a load of other London lady fitness enthusiasts.   We each received a personal bra fitting which is a service available in all NIKE stores so there's no need to wait at the lingerie concession of a department store.  Its a known fact that a high percentage of women are wearing the wrong size bra so NIKE have made it easy to get an update on that ever-changing subtle morphing dimension particular to a women's physique!  You'll see in the snap of mine above that the new variation on the regular crop-top design now has an elastic band in place of a regular bra clasp.  This flexibility moves with your activity and the thinner centre back strap has been cinched in to allow larger surface area of skin for freer flow for the shoulders.  The front has moulded cups built in (see photo of inside out) so it's possible to have exactly the perfect fit for support rather than just a bandeaux which squashes!  Here is a stylish and very feminine answer to your sports specific under-garm solution.  I confess I love a sports bra and now its just got even better!

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