Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tuesday 11th November: Red Bull Culture Clash 2014

I have been busy travelling around over the last couple of weeks so I'm behind on publishing here so I'm going to do a quick catch up with bundles of posts.  In chronological order, here is the first catch-up on my colourful antics.  Since our rainbow themed Carnival in August, Red Bull just had their multicolour Culture Clash with London double-decker buses and shop shutters spray painted with the spectrum.   I had my colour-wheel hair refreshed by Fudge for the event and was very happy to find all the rainbow merchandise once I was down at Earls Court, complete with cosmic cocktail cups.   I was joined by Margot Bowman and NTS's Marshmellos for a night of swaying with the massive crowds from one corner to the next following each sound system's turn on the tools.  The competition comprised of ASAP Mob, Boy Better Know, Rebel Sound (Chase & Status w/ Rodigan & Shy FX) and Stone Love.  The resounding winner from the applause-meter was Rebel Sound due to their undeniable killer dubplates which were hilarious and clearly must have taken months of planning and pulling together.  It was potentially a controversial outcome as BBK had been groomed to collect the prize by RedBull having sent them to Jamaica to learn about the heritage and record their own dublets............ but on the night it was indisputable who was most worthy of this year's championship.  
So much fun in one night and so London to have a stadium of scantily clad, skanking teenagers in the middle of Winter, openly smoking spliffs amid the mist of evaporating sweat and dry ice!!!!!  For the first time I finally felt my real age ............... I think?!  

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