Saturday, 10 January 2015

Saturday 10th January 2015: London Collections Men AW15 - Agi & Sam via Isamaya Ffrench

Thanks to makeup magician Isamaya Ffrench for her backstage photos from the Agi & Sam show "Coolman" for which she created Lego masks in keeping with the Montessori theme.  The thing I count on when anticipating an Agi & Sam show is that it will be FUN and this season the duo delivered a collection actually designed with kids!  The idea was spawn from re-discovering sketches Agi had drawn at four years old, his first foray into a future fate of a clothing line!  They contacted their primary schools to get the current pupils involved in pattern cutting by giving them deconstructed garments with velcro to piece back together.  A clue to this puzzle concept arrived in our post as the invite to the show, printed and cut into a jigsaw.  The artwork to follow to figure out the arrangement was the collection's print of the children's painterly mark-making from their original graphics.  Although the foundation of the mis-match silhouettes came from junior sources, the outcome was seriously sophisticated with knitwear in collaboration with Jaeger.  The timeline and lineage of Agi & Sam's progression is becoming increasingly refined and streamlined as the season's roll on.  There's still the inherent playfulness but the outcome is swaying more subtle and potentially, well, grown up ............... albeit from Agi's 4 year old designer self!!  
(top photo by me, other three by Isamaya - follow her Instagram here)  

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