Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday 24th July: Station to Station at The Barbican Centre

When I got a text message from Marawa that something colourful was happening at the Barbican at 4 o'clock one Saturday I knew I had to go and see!  It turned out to be this multicolour smoke bomb performance by Olaf Breuning as part of Doug Aitken's "Station to Station" 30 day happening.  We then explored the rest of the show which is totally free and packed full of really fantastic finds.  As I explain in the post below, there is a recording studio and mobile vinyl pressing plant.  There is also a studio for the vinyl record sleeve artwork where guest graphic designers come in to make limited edition packaging.  It's a process led curation so you can witness screen-printing, wood-block printing and see Olaf Eliasson's mechanical works from the original train journey.  Outside of the main gallery are individual yurts holding installations such as director Kenneth Anger and this white "HoneyMoon Suite" by Urs Fischer.  The emmense schedule of gigs, performances, seminars & workshops is coming to a close this weekend with a grand finale featuring musicians from the project.  I 100% recommend visiting and attending Marawa's hoop class btw 3 - 4pm ! 

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