Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wednesday 2nd Sept: Notting Hill Carnival 2015 , Sunday Parade / A Family Day

As you can probably tell from these photos I was dying from "cute overload" on the sideline of the Children's Day parade celebrating "Emergence Of Carnival" at Notting Hill Carnival.  They were either totally engrossed in the dance routines and putting 110% energy into the moves, tapping their feet to keep trucking behind the truck .................. OR in floods of tears from exhaustion of that over excitement.   I could hardly hold back my own tears of joy at some of their faces - especially a toddler who was one big ball of Ostrich plume with just her eyes and cornrows poking out.  There were little-ones so small they might not have been walking for long, but were taking steps alongside their Mas Bands or sparko in a decorated stroller in-between.  I couldn't cope.  Its been very had editing my pictures to condense the cuteness.  Just look at that fish!!!
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