Friday, 8 January 2016

Friday 8th January: LCM A/W 16 - "Mad About The Boy"

To kick off LCM A/W 16 The Fashion Space Gallery at LCF opened with Lou Stoppard's curated group show "Mad About The Boy".  Split into thematic sections with set design by Tony Hornecker, the exhibition explores fashion's inspirations and fascinations with male youth.  This spans history from Buffalo's Ray Petri, thru Jason Evans straight-up portraits to Nasir Mazhar's collections recently worn by BBK.  Taped interviews with these artists fills the room with a conversational narration for further insight into how their own teenage experience informs their practise.  Christopher Shannon's fluro garms with Judy Blame's plastic accessories are shown next to Mark Leckey's original rave footage "Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore".  Lou's knowledge of visual imagery from her SHOWstudio position has a strong presence from Larry Clark to Alasdair McLellan to Tyrone Lebon and Nick Knight's own seminal Skinhead project.  Its a free exhibit open to the public with a reconstruction of a Meadham Kirchhoff presentation in the college's ground floor entrance.  Open till April, the term is accompanied with a schedule of events - talks, workshops and masterclasses.

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(Images include:  Martine Rose beer-matt collection, Kim Jones shoes and my own Converse up in Tony Hornecker's immersive installation)

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