Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tuesday 26th July: Rapha Womens 100, 2016

After the biblical wind and rain of last year's Womens 100 ride , this year's conditions couldn't have been more pleasingly polar opposite and pleasant!!  The date fell on the weekend of the bike-courier holiday ride "The Dunwich Dynamo" so I combined both trips, incorporating the 100k into the overnight 120 miler to the Suffolk coast.  It was warm and dry for the duration of the night making it a much quicker and enjoyable experience than the last DD I did 2 years ago.  Therefore this was the most magical and blessed journey to have taken part in with memories of these 2 previous weather thwarted expeditions!  I was literally fist-pumping into the beautiful sunrise gradient sky despite not being able to cycle with no hands on the bar!!  This is going to go down in history of my top favourite times on 2 wheels.  BLISS!!!! 

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