Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tuesday 4th October: Paris - Le Comptoir General

On visiting Paris for the weekend we found ourselves in an enclave that was a recreation of The Congo - a club called Le Comptoir General.   It's absolutely incredible, or should I say Incroyable.  Every detail of the interior design is a dream for anyone interested in set design and the DRC............ which is me on both counts!  I've never been anywhere like this before, not even the Prada pop-up "The Double Club" designed by Carsten Holler in London a few years ago.  There is so much to look at with drawers to open and peer inside, arcade games to play and even this boat to climb up into the canopy of another hidden level.   I cant wait to go back again!
Manish Arora used the venue for his PFW show a day earlier, see that footage here.

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