Friday, 20 January 2017

Friday 20th January: Lizzie Kings' "Tie & Die" book

Lizzie King has just launched her "Tie & Dye" book to turn her motto "Get Rich or Tie-Dyeing" into a do-it-yourself guide.  There are 15 projects to try out including water-melon bunting for summer parties and her signature rainbow shoe laces which she has made for NIKE in the past.  Here she sent me a complete kit to road-test the carnival sock instructions for red/gold and green feet ready for the road.  Here are my stages of preparation, dying and the finished article joining my archive Lizzie tassel necklace for the collection.  The book is now available nationwide and thru her own website with this personalised tote bag as a deal at her launch last night!............. see the next post.

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