Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wednesday 26th April: JBL World Record

Last night JBL set a new audio world record for the most number of wireless speakers to play simultaneously, connected to a single source.  1000 of its portable speakers were installed in The Village Underground and aligned to play tracks by the brand's new ambassador, Tinie Tempah.  Here is also a shot of my favourite device which has an illuminated spectrum case of LED's that flash thru the entire rainbow in a gradient pulse.  The range of hand-held bluetooth speakers are also water-proof as demonstrated by this water-tank at the the event.  Therefore they are perfect for taking out to the park for picnics in rainy England or sunbathing on beaches and taking in swimming pools on holiday!  I was lucky enough to be gifted a Flip 4 model which I can't wait to use out on a run.............. especially as I actually ran to the party!

Head over to my fitness blog to see a video clip of the rainbow lights in action here.

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