Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Tuesday 7th November: EVERYTHING AT ONCE

This year The Lisson Gallery have joined forces with The Vinyl Factory to hold an off-site mega-show at the ginormous location of the Store Studios, 180 The Strand.  It's so massive, I have been twice and still only have these few images to show for it!  But the most important piece for me is Arthur Jafa’s incredible film "Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death".  For this alone I recommend you go!   Here are a few of my other highlights:

Top to bottom:  
1) "At the Edge of the World II" by Anish Kapoor
2) "Highsummer, 2017 Prussian Blue, 2017 May Day, 2017 Bertacca, 2017" by Stanley Whitney - Examples of jazz and African music are often cited by Whitney as sources for his polyrhythmic, near-synaesthetic paintings
3) "A Chamber for Horwitz" multi-coloured, sonic score by Haroon Mirza
4) "Solar Catastrophe" by Allora & Calzadilla, made from discarded polycrystalline solar panel cells to absorb and reflect light, changing colour depending on atmospheric conditions.

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