Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Wednesday 22nd November: Camille Walala Listening Room for SONOS

SONOS' first European concept store in Covent Garden houses two acoustically-tuned "Listening Rooms" for you to close yourself off from the world and explore their immersive sound-systems.  Here is the pod curated by Camille Walala divided into sections to represent the different rooms of the house to demonstrate the seamless streaming sounds.  If your'e unfamiliar with the service, its a chance to experiment with the system to play internet music channels, podcasts, radio and vinyl at maximum amplification.  I'm lucky enough to have SONOS in my own house for listening to music but since my original edition they have now released the function to connect your TV for a home cinema experience too!  
These audophile spaces have been designed for maximum sound quality such as glass walls to reduce bounce, hand-woven rugs and bookshelves to improve acoustics.  London artists have been commissioned to dress the space and here you can see Camille has brought together her favourite reading material including New Brutalism and kitchenware from Darkroom London.  Every space within the store has been sonically tuned by sound engineers overseen by Sonos Sound Experience Leader, Giles Martin (son of George Martin).  With other brand ambassadors consulting on the tech including Q-Tip and Philip Glass you know its the clearest and crispest on the market! 

The space is hosting an ongoing line-up of listening events, screenings, cultural talks and installations, currently an exhibition of unseen David Bowie portraits at: 
21 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9LL

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