Thursday, 26 June 2008

Weds 25th June: don't leave me this way

"Don't leave me this way" is the latest performance piece by Franko B in collaboration with lighting designer Kamal Ackarie (seen here in left corner). I left the sun shining on The Mall and entered the pitch black theatre at the ICA. You experience the piece as the only audience member. You are guided in the dark to a seat and left alone for a few minutes. Then just as you begin to wonder what will occur, a blast of strobe light triggers straight at you leaving a silhouette of Franko B in your eyes when the room goes back to black. You realise he has been sitting directly infront of you, not a foot away. I have never seen anything like this before! Artists using their body as sculpture in different ways is something that always intrigues me. Funny that I picked up a postcard in the ICA shop of Leigh Bowery's performance from the Anthony D'offay from 1998.

Franko B and Kamal are holding a documentary screening and discussion about the tour this evening. The performance also continues today so you can do both! See link below for details.......

(NB. This is not an image by me but a screen grab from their website which does not have a photo credit so please comment here if you know who it is)


pixelpoof said...

hello fred

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the photo was taken by Thomas Qualmann


tom said...

the photo is by thomas qualmann.