Wednesday, 3 September 2008

WEds 3rd Sept: Going Merino down at Uniqlo

Overnight we helped Set Designer/Illustrator Andy MacGregor and Rich Stevens of Odd Design with their installation at the Uniqlo flagship store on Oxford Street. The new Uniqlo line is Merino wool and the idea was to extend threads incorporated in the vinyl font on the windows through the shop fixtures, across the ceiling to the back of the store. It was great fun weaving in and out of each other with rainbow colour gaffa tape up 8ft ladders. What a great night's work! Aided by Maki's homecooked butterfly cookies and mobile phone radio cranked top notch to provide midnight melodies. We finished in time before the dawn chorus to stand outside and look in at our web of joy and give Andy and Rich a well deserved high 5 for another successful graphic mission.

Photography c/o Alex Cunningham

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