Saturday, 24 January 2009

Sat 24th Jan: Portrait Profile Weekender

I am going to dedicate this weekend solely to photographer Tara Darby and her portraiture which I am a massive fan of. I recently saw a front cover on the magazine rack, and thought to myself, Christ that is the best picture Ive seen of that musician to date. As no surprise I turned to the credits and saw that it was by Tara.
There is an ease and peace in her portraits which allows the subject to show a side more personal than regular press shots you grow accustomed to. She has an ability to unearth an interaction that gives the images a magical integrity. Tara's body of work includes legendary creatives such as Karl Largerfeld, Vidall Sassoon and Robin Day through to new interests such as Katy Perry, Bat For Lashes and Alexa Chung. The extensive archive is divided across commissions in music, fashion, political news and then onto personal subjects and books.
It is a personal project that I have picked up on here because it is one of my faves trawling her website and one that has popped up on her blog. I got in touch with Tara to contribute some pictures for this feature and she explained "I have several muses that have become friends who I photograph over and over- the first few images are of artist Delaine Le Bas". This artist really appeals to me as it seems that she unconsciously matches her clothes to her artwork and the aesthetic is totally unconcious and unique. Her wardrobe is a real mix of heavily embroidered and appliqued dense coloured garments of varying genres. The other thing I like in this series is the indications of their time spent together with tea, biscuits and Easter bunny napkins caught in still-life shots.

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Amazing !!! x Love it !