Monday, 19 January 2009

Mon 19th Jan: Do not adjust your set

Alex Cunningham became my fairy godmother in answering my wishes for a Peter Jensen Top Shop scallop dress and secured me one of the last treasures in the sale. I was so excited trying on my new present, it occurred to me what has Peter been up to since? To reaffirm my opinion of Peter as a genuine, considerate soul behind the stitching............the house of Jensen replied and sent these images of their new houses. In a collaboration with set designer Shona Heath the 3rd floor of Dover Street Market has been transformed with a mini exhibition space. The upside-down town has been built/hung to launch a special collection of 6 dresses designed for DSM.
What I love about Peter, is that he has strategically amassed a cult following and successful business in squirrel silence. Every inch of his ascendancy has been down to the top-notch craftsmanship and concept, consistently presented season after season. The work has spoken for itself and never needed any smokescreen "all singing,-all dancing" Pr and marketing. However, in saying that, there was a catwalk show literally choreographed with ice- skaters for S/S 2005. Just one of Peter's inventive ideas carried out subtlety and naturally for those with a discerning eye at the time. His talent is developing a high calibre of ingenuity in all aspects of the label, mixed with ridiculous hard graft. When I worked next door, I could never understand why he worked "ompa lumpa" style, seemingly never entering or leaving but just always being there. Now I not only see why but appreciate why. To single handedly turn out an intelligently idiosyncratic wearable line with equally meticulous shows takes DEDICATION. Massive respect due. You are the master. With a sense of humour to boot! Hooray!

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