Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sunday 18th Jan: A Moonlanding & A Moonstomping

Is there anything Set Designer Helen Macintyre cannot make? Akin to the A-team's consistant reliability to inconcievably produce something out of nothing.......Helen can rustle up a cuckoo clock from some cardboard. In this instance its a space odyssey for the new video release from Esser "Work It Out". Helen says that even for her, this was a tricky task as it was flimed in Black Island Studios which was an intimidating size. She hand-dyed 65 meters of fabric (which was the surface of the terrian) in the sink which turned her studio a "pooey orange colour". Never mind that, I cant get over the actual space capsule and crafted interior. Its great to have these pics to really appreciate the attention to detail which is not so easy to see amongst all the other action in the final cut directed by Kinga Burza.
Since the moon landing, Esser have been planning a Moon Stomping, taking place tomorrow night at the new London Venue, The Lexington. As Im not exactly sure what this Ska dance is, Ive looked it up so here is the (un)official urban dictionary explanation of how to stomp:

" To moonstomp conventionally, it is suggested that you raise your left leg along with your left arm and produce a low kicking movement towards the ground in front while making a slow and gentle "punching the air" movement with your fist, sweeping it behind your right leg and doing the same movement symmetrically with your right leg and right arm and thus repeating, to the rhythm and tempo of the ska or dub song, until the end of the song "

Esser - Work It Out - Out 23rd Feb

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