Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Weds 18th Feb: Time Out

Its that time of year for an influx of fantastic magazines to plough through. I cant keep up, I keep seeing a new title every day. Has anyone else noticed how nice looking the new format Harpers is? Im not allowing myself to purchase that heavyweight until Ive finished dissecting all the profiles in i-D............of which there are a staggeringly satisfying amount, hooray! BUT the exception to my plan yesterday was picking up the Fashion Special Time Out because Im too excited about fashion week to miss anything. Time Out has really stepped up in the last year and this is an excellent issue with a bonus guide to the East End. BUT the best discovery was to read the credit that Annie Collinge shot the portraits for the feature on London's new uprising talent. Rock on Annie, the most modest mouse in photography land who secretly scurry''s around on prestigious portrait commissions without ever letting on. The last time I saw Annie was in November when we bumped into each other on Broadway (please don't gag at my overtly "Sex In The City" inconceivable saccharine anecdote - its just fate and fact). Annie has left London to reside in the Big Apple this year but came back for an exhibition last month and it seems managed to slip in a few jobs whilst here..........never one to rest on her laurels, check out for what else she has been up to ..........

Thanks to Annie for sending over these outakes from the shoot

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Bethany said...

I was going to pick up a copy of Time Out as a surprise treat for you (and me too!) so I'm glad you posted to say you've already seen it!