Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Weds18th Feb: Welcome to the asylum

Whilst the fashion pack are about to make a skip across the pond from NY fashion week to London, the city has already been warming up the runways..........or at least the studios of CSM. Foundation student Ben Fern helped his course organise a fashion show last week and here is his report from the next - next generation:
"We had a week to put together the show, which you would think would be simple, however it was a nightmare, but was very well executed in the end I think! A dark gloomy set with a white sheet where the models were to walk through to catch a silhouette which sadly didn't come out on camera. All the clothing items were made by the group, fashion communication people I'd like to add, no fashion designers!
Black, white, beige were the themed colours, which I think worked quite well too. The event was packed with people!"

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