Monday, 16 March 2009

Mon 16th March: Where can I fix my camera?

Sorry for the lack of entries, Im in Buenos Aires!
Actually and quite obviously Im not, I wish I was. But I can now look like I am, thanks to Alex Cunningham who brought these dope specs back from her trip for me!
The real reason for my absense is the persisting lack of camera. Although I do not manage to keep the content daily as was my initial intention, Ive realised that if i had a camera I could almost run a subsidiary blog for all the things that get left out. So many of my day to day antics get left by the wayside as I can't record the events. Last week I gave a lecture for Penny Martin at LCF, saw The Birds Eye View fashion film screening at the ICA, shot my look-book, joined the chaos at hairstylist Lyndell Mansfield's Too Many Tina's birthday party, took Maki to the Hussein Chalayan exhibit, dj'd with Teo (twice if I add the V&A gig from the previous week), was interviewed by Kasia Bobula for the only thing that didn't come off was attending the single launch for thecocknbullkid because it was so oversubscribed which was absolutely fantastic news for Anita, but brought about a little tear in my eye on account of missing her and Your Twenties.........................exciting times for them both

But please be patient with this blog, i hope to resolve the camera issue and get back to form..............any ideas, please let me know? Jessops reckon its a non-refundable £25 just to give a diagnosis.............

Thanks to Laura McDougall for this camera phone snap


James said...

It depends what kind of camera you have but the store opposite the world camera centre on New Oxford Street fixed my little point and shoot when it died a year or so ago. They were cheaper than Jessops, and nicer people!


fredbutlerstyle said...