Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thurs 19th: New Shoes!

Thanks to for recommending me to the Nike ID project, I have been able to design my very own pair of trainers (for free)! I met Adrian Fenech in the ID studio at Nike Town and he showed me the operation of how to choose your sneaker style and then systematically select the leathers, stitching, detailing and text if desired. You can build your dream shoe in a 3D computer package and then have it made and delivered in a few weeks. Obviously my criteria was to fit as many colours on as possible and mastermine a truly rainbowtastic dunk. I love the silver heel especially and the contrast stitching of red on blue. Yum Yum Yum! I know having my name embroidered is a bit cheesy, but heck, I don't take myself that seriously - its too funny to turn down!
I hate shoes and I hate buying them even more. So this was a dream come true. I picked them up yesterday and have bounced into work this morning feeling better than Mr Soft from the mint advert. Its hard to take my eyes off them. I might even sleep in them like my nephew and wellies.
I can FULLY recommend this service to anyone who has a spare ton to transform their toes!


Spadger said...

oh wow oh wow oh wow oh wow!!! those are the absolute BOOM TING xxx WANT!!!!

Lucy said...

they are excellent. so very good! : )