Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sun: 1st March: Top Picks in Pix

During London Fashion Week I diligently stood by New Gen stand and talked more in 4 days than I have before in my whole life. For anyone who doesn't know me, I am a girl of few words. On the whole, I opt for silence over conversation and after 2 months of studio cabin-fever, I was unwittingly thrust into an interrogation carnival freak show. I even had to talk to Sarah Brown (PM's wife) and concentrate double hard on not letting tourets take over.
As a consequence of duty to my sponsership, I could not attend any other shows. But my blog wing-man Ben did the rounds and kept pace with Menkes furious scribbling with high octane camera antics. I think he had a blast running around seeing collections and meeting random fashion folk en route. He has sent me many many fantastic snapshots and here i have selected the best according to my vision. The press has been flooded with repetitive imagery so hopefully this is a slightly different angle. Enjoy!
Images by Ben Fern
(Roksanda Illincic, Craig Lawerence, Holly Fulton, Johnny Woo, Cooperative Designs)

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Ooh his pics are excellent! I think I need to have a photographer follow me around at LFW next time x