Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Thurs 30th April: Here Come The Kings

Since I last wrote about Colin Henderson's joint direction with Daniel Brereton on the Golden Silvers video for "True Romance", he has been tinkering on the group's 2D identity. The album was released on Monday on XL Recordings so I have seen a glimmer of the shimmering illustration on promotional advertisements. But now we can finally see the complete package of which Colin has sent over images of the CD, booklet and album cover printed in 6 colours (CMYK, gold and silver). To continue the collaboration, Colin has taken typography drawn by Gwilym (the lead singer) to integrate in his visuals and both talents joined forces on the art direction.

To see what else Colin has been conjuring up, check out his ace blog and discover artwork for the recent music festival "Land of Kings".................

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