Friday, 1 May 2009

Friday 1st May: Stone Cold Sober

Not a reference to my state of mind but the title of Paloma Faith's upcoming single release on June 15th. The creative team responsible for my graphic delights have been in cahoots with Miss Faith to cement her new ident since signing her deal. I asked one half of the duo "No Days OFf" Patrick Duffy how it came about and where the collaboration is twisting and turning since taking off:

"Epic called me almost a year ago to ask if I could meet up with Paloma and start talking about artwork. We both agreed almost immediately that we wanted to work with photographer Finlay Mackay, and were very pleased that he ended up shooting the campaign. The results really are epic, but I can't let them out of the bag just yet...

Andy MacGregor did some beautiful illustrations of decorated lettering and doves as a starting point for the identity. Though we've yet to use the decorated lettering, we were keen to keep the doves, so one of them ended up being incorporated into Paloma's logo ('paloma' is Spanish for 'dove').

We're currently working on the artwork for the first single, Stone Cold Sober, and the album will follow shortly after that."

I checked out Paloma's new video but unfortunately cannot work out how to embed it so go here to view:
I don't have the vital statistics on the credits for this one yet but I can identify the silver panel dress that is by Petra Stores...... seen here in my snap from when Paloma debuted the incredible creation in Feb 2008 at Sketch.
Go and have a look at the video and listen to the track, its a real treat. Can't wait to see the album artwork as soon as the cat is able to jump out of the bag....................

(Recent portrait from Alistair Allan's coverage of the New Look 40th birthday party on Weds night where Paloma performed)

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