Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Weds 15th April: Cake Face

Hillman Studio had a visit today from Pawel (a.k.a Miles Aldridge's assistant) with a bag of treats. Since Andy and him have just returned from shooting in Rome, it seems their taste for patisserie has got a bit flash, Fellini style. Hell yeah!
The 2 camps have been regularly combining forces on shoots for various Vogues and campaigns such as Mac and Lavazza. Some of these images are currently on show as part of Aldridge's exhibition "Doll Face" at the Hamiltons Gallery which accompanies the release of Aldridge's new coffee-table book. So this weekend, why not pop along to the show, pick up the the publication, put your feet up, pig out on some posh pastries and thumb your way through some signature slick saccharine set-ups by Hillman and other set designer Stevie Stewart..............................


tom bird said...

i didn't realise you were such an avid blogger! thankyou for a lovely few days experience,see you soon hopefully :)

fredbutlerstyle said...

Yep, Im hooked in but still resisting Twittering! Watch this space!
Thank YOU for your help, defo keep in touch!
Have fun in Brighton!

: )