Sunday, 31 May 2009

31st May: Primavera Day 3

We had a minor technical glitch from our man on the festival frontline.   But we're back on track for Dan Wilton's first hand/claw encounters from Primavera.  Latest installment of phone pic action "New Zuul tattoo yep".  
Thanks for the update!   (Don't worry I will be reimbursing your phone bill!)
Wish I was there to catch Aphex under the Mediterranean rays.  :  (  But hey, at least the sun has put his hat on for London this weekend otherwise it would be doubly gutting.

Next in line on the European adventure trail for the blog is photographer Anna Leader who is punting into Venice for the opening of the Biennial.  Lets see what she finds............perhaps tattoos could be an interesting take on that particular festival too!  For the 53rd Biennial, Steve McQueen is representing for Britain by showing a film in the pavilion but details are under wraps until the unveiling on June check back to see what's going on.......

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