Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thurs 4th June: CSM BA HONS Fashion Show - Dean Quinn

This year I went along to the CSM Show to see the collection by Dean Quinn.  I met him in November in New York when he was interning for ThreeAsFOUR.  Whenever I hear another British accent there, Im intrigued!  So I was excited to see his own work, especially his degree show!  With absolutely no idea what he made, it was a relief that I genuinely loved it.  My "woops" were not in vain.  When it came to the end of the 40 selected designer's press show, 3 awards were announced.  CHECK IT OUT..........Dean won the womenswear award!  I couldn't believe it!  My intuition is bang on.  Firstly with Michael Vanderham at the MA show and now Dean at the BA.  In truth, its actually no credit to my instinct...........its more a case of the stable on Forsyth Street NYC.......those who come in and out have a disposition to going there in the first place and secondly pick up the magic that is abundant in the atmosphere.  
I managed to blag backstage (in a mute bashful way with a bossy mum/Kim Howells pushing me forwards) to get a photo of Deans's work up close.  He held up one of his intricate blade beaded skirts smiling still stricken with sheer shock from his award announcement.  The camera went dead so I don't have the shot to share!  But its in my mind and erasable forever there.  So here I have borrowed Alex Fury's image from SHOWstudio.  After the show Annalisa Dunn (Cooperative Designs) astutely commented that the tendency to cram in too many ideas created weak collections..............whereas one idea executed beautifully sang so much stronger...........this is exactly what Fury wrote take heed to this advice those of you in your 2nd year!

"My favourite from the internal show was undoubtedly Dean Quinn, and even on second viewing his monochrome collection again made me (and a number of others) sit up and take note. Quinn sliced his tailoring with a savage bent, restricting his palette to black and white and his decoration to glass bugle beads, thickly crusted across his tight trousers and brief skirts. With so many designers trying to pack a million ideas into these six-piece presentations, Quinn's focus served him well. As a statement of intent, this collection was spot on - and rightfully scooped one of the evening's coveted L'Oréal Professionnel awards."

Alex Fury


Anna Trevelyan said...

i love this show! so good! and michaels! x

miss milki said...

GFW looks amazing! There are so many inspirational designs.

Just wanted to let you know I blogged about you here.