Thursday, 11 June 2009

Thurs 11th June: Holly Macdonald

My longest standing (long suffering) assistant to date, is Holly Macdonald who has spent the last year finishing off her degree in fashion product design at LCF.  Holly is reliably categorically hilarious and never turned down an opportunity to get dressed up in the name of research.  The only time I sensed a snapshot of shyness was when I packed her off to a casting for a Metronomy video and she returned shaking with a four pack of Fosters to get over the ordeal.  Although on that particular occasion she could not be convinced to shake her tail feather ..........I know a man that could possibly tempt her ...............the girl is obsessed with Prince.........

Q:  Inspiration?
A:  Christopher Kane for his constructed textiles, Jenny King for her embroidery, my sister for her ability to make scraps look beautiful, my mum* for her stock, you for aesthetic and technique.................I have a texture fetish?

Q:  Favorite Material?
A:  Vintage parachute silk.

Q:  Dream Client?
A:  Prince.  Tee hee any excuse.  I could make him something fabulous and purple?

Q:  Whats Next?:
A:  Something where I can talk ALL day  

*  Holly's mum is an exceptional Vintage Clothing/Textiles trader who can be found at Portabello Road Market, London and Snoopers Paradise, Brighton

Images of Holly's sketchbook, accessories collection as modelled by Addie and self portrait (you have to turn you head upside down to see hers............)

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