Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tue 7th June: Kyle Bean

I was sent a very smart hard copy invite to the Brighton Graphic Design and Illustration BA Show so I thought I better return the gesture and head down there on Thurs eve.  This year, their venue is in "The Rag Factory" just off Brick Lane which I think was originally Tracey Emin's studio (?!).  Its a beautiful higgldy piggldy space with scraps of different colour gaffa tape randomly decorating the wood panelled floor.  BUT the art on the walls by the class of 2009 was so sick it was impossible to get distracted.  There are many mentionable candidates but here is the one that made me stop and laugh and gaze in awe for a good 15 mins.   Not only is the content witty and clever, the execution is also scarily sophisticated for a degree student.  I have spent years perfecting model making from card and here is someone that seems to already have it nailed without even leaving school.  One year I worked out the pattern of a pentax camera for a paper prop which took a LONG TIME and I felt very proud.  Well, that was blown out of the water when I saw Kyle's work.  (I'll post that work later but you have a glimpse in this snap of his desk)
So here is the winning project for me.  A Russian Doll type stacking system (made of card) of Mobile Phones following a time-line of design.  Genius!  Here is Kyle's description as I wouldn't be able to do it justice:

"I was working on the 'mobile phone evolution' project alongside the 'disposable technology' gadgets. They are both projects which are a response to our relationship with modern technology. Whilst the mobiles highlight how quickly technology has miniaturised since the 1980's, the disposable gadgets are a comment on how technology becomes obsolete very quickly, due to consumerism."

And here is one of his stop-frame animations ....................there is another amazing one of a tree made from little Ikea pencils with leaves growing from pencil sharpenings.......


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