Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Weds 8th June: Laura Mackness

I am very, very excited about this post.
As readers may know, Im not shy of a superlative or singing shining praise.  But Ive been sitting on this one for quite a while.  Infact a very, very long time.  Febuary to be precise, when Laura graduated from the CSM MA with distinction.    I went to the static show to see Michael's collection but couldn't help looking over my shoulder, hypnotised by the Siren blinking eyelashes flirting with me, enticing me over.  Not Laura's eyelashes!....... but the ones she created as a giant necklace which was just one of the stand-out pieces from her stand-out collection.  
I wanted to get a good grasp of what was going on with this scrumpdiddlydumpcious collection, so I went about my usual research.  As it turned out I didn't know any of her inspirations and got lost down an Erwin Wurm hole and couldn't get back out.  But fortunately I finally managed to compile some questions to equate worth to Laura's discerning designs.   She has put together some fantastic answers, so before I upload it are some scans from her sketchbooks to keep you going...............

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