Monday, 14 September 2009

Monday 14th Sept: Supermarket Sarah Presents Fred Butler

Time to go wild in the aisles for the manager's special because Ive stepped up to guest curate the wall for Super Market Sarah during fashion week. Its a mix of my archive and special pieces from 12 of my favourite designers, here is my hand-picked selection of the ripest talent:

Rosy Nichols
Scott Ramsay Kyle
Timothy James Andrews
Work It
Lucy Aeibishcer
Colin Henderson
Bethan Wood
Maki Lou Lou
Cooperative Designs
Jim Stoten
Brie Harrison
Hannah Draper

There are also some of my own prized possessions up for grabs.........Grace Jones records, Bowie VHS & Biography, and this pair of CUTE rubix cube reminiscent shoes. The shop homepage is going to go live at the end of the week to get your trolley revving and ready to snatch the never know what the price tag is gonna be.............


Unknown said...

Looks great:)!!

Glowing Doll said...

The jacket on the wall is mesmerizing. said...

I remember those shoes..