Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday 19th September: Guest Post = CHARLIE LE MINDU @ BLOW PRESENTS

Hola a todos! Once again, I’ve been out traipsing the mean streets of London Fashion Week only to bring you, Fred’s faithful readers, the finest of the fine that the UK’s fashion capital has to offer.

Now then, Fred and I have both been admirers of Le Mindu since long before we even met each other. He truly is the Nutty Professor of Hair – what ever is happening in the outside world, be it rain, wind or global financial meltdown, ol’ Charlie won’t care, no he won’t, for he’s too busy toiling away in his laboratory cum salon crafting away on the greatest futuristic suits made of hair that money can buy.

It was no accident of fate that I was in the front row for his latest feat of hirsute mastery, and here is what I saw. . . .

On paper, Paris's imposing monument, le Tour Eiffel plus a clingfilm suit doesn't sound that great. But on the catwalk it really came together.

The main part of this outfit was a giant collar, overflowing with blondness like an inverse waterfall. Astounding.

This model's head was topped by a giant pair of Daliesque lips crafted in black hair. We like.

My personal favourite look. And possibly a true fashion first, with the London premier of hair-trouser-tights.

And the great man himself. Running away from the spotlight, as all the best designers are wont to do.

Charlie, nous t'aimons beaucoup! Au revoir for now,



Unknown said...

Love the lips headpiece... but I can see Lady Gaga jumping on that one!!
And the Eiffel Tower is amazing:)!!

Alex Turvey said...

Amazing Fashion film by director Alex Turvey for Dazed & Confused featuring Charlie Le Mindu's sensational Lips wig

Barnaby said...

Le Mindu certainly made the show a totally unique affair.. His hair sculptures added a very different, although still exuberant, kind of femininity. Very impressed with the young Swede Lina Osterman as well!