Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sun Nov 22nd: "Unmade Beds" Stills Photography by Anna Leader

The latest offering to come from Argentinian director Alexis Dos Santos named "Unmade Beds" has been made as a 1st person commentary on a particular connection with London Town. Alexis has harnassed his own experiences and memories of encounters moving to the city and turned it into a feature film. The story is set predominately in the East End and focuses on two young wayfarer immigrants Axl & Vera. Its a familiar scenario for the network of hipsters that circumnavigate the "scene".........and now its been canned into celluloid. "Unmade Beds" literally focuses on the day-to-day antics of squat dwellers who have quite possibly chosen the lifestyle for an experimental education to the protocol of coming of age. The films idealised vision of this bubble is composed as carefree as the the actual subject matter.........(I haven't actually seen it yet to give you a Barry Norman breakdown so this is preliminary conjecture and insight! .........)
Here are Anna Leaders documentary stills from being on set for the beginning of filming which she has exclusively lent for this blog post. The wardrobe was selected and styled by Kate Forbes with Jacob Higher as Director of Photography. Anna takes the most beautiful portraits and comes into her own when challenged with the constraints of capturing moments with uncontrolled lighting and conditions on set. To see more of her stills work, check out her landmark photographs of Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko in her debut role "Lannulaire".


jeffhahn said...

Thanks for featuring this - looks amazing, definitely need to check it out. Do you know when/where it will be released?

fredbutlerstyle said...

no actually sorry!...........v.soon though I think.........there is a facebook page....... said...

Look forward to seeing this up on the screen. Hopefully will create a unique artefact for the East End of London.. they've put on a great competition too. It involves luxury hotels and private gallery tours for the winner..