Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thurs 5th Nov: SHOWing Out

After Rasharn's shoot earlier in the week.........the end of the week is being wrapped up by SHOWstudio's Nick Knight in person...........with his peers and regular collaborators shooting a story for British Vogue.  Nick often (always?!) films his shoots but of course any documentation on set is always secret until the final edit is published..............that's industry standard.  So this is really quite exceptional!  You can see Michael Howells set and the specially commissioned designer garms made for the you can see Natalia in a one-off Prada ensemble made for Lucinda Chambers and the "Fairytale" theme.   All of these outfits will be auctioned off after the shoot to raise money for Natalia's charity "The Naked Heart Foundation".
Thanks to the fury that is Alex Fury of SHOWstudio for sending me these snaps live from the action.  I like the inclusion of the rainbow rack of colorama in the background in keeping with my blog aesthetic (also loving Marion ensconced in texting, making the most of Natalia's time in mittens, LOL!)

For everyone at their computers and not down at Somerset House to witness it in person, follow the live stream here, its been upgraded ...........

Contributors: Model - Natalia Vodianova, Photographer - Nick Knight, Fashion Director - Lucinda Chambers, Hair stylist - Sam McKnight, Make-up artist - Val Garland, Nails - Marian Newman,Set Designer Michael Howells

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Marta Represa said...

I wish I could be there. I'm following it on the site...and I'm loving it!