Thursday, 7 January 2010

2009 In Picture Postcards - Man Like Me

"i always thought going on holiday meant you had to go abroad but when i went to the lake district it kind of hit home that England is pretty beautiful and i haven't seen hardly any of it. I was probably feeling at one with nature when this was taken not realising quite how chavy i looked."
Man Like Me, Musician


Alex said...

GOD FRED I LOVE MAN LIKE ME HOW HAVE WE NEVER HAD THIS CONVERSATION! They performed at a Jean-Charles de Castelbajac show they were faaaaaaantastic!


fredbutlerstyle said...

Hello Alex,

Which Alex are you? (sorry)

For the full interview from last year :

Don't talk to me about that JCDC skies, cartoon clouds, rainbows............HEAVEN...........
props to JC as I myspaced him to tell him how much I loved it and he wrote back?! Amazing! What a gent!