Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday 8th Jan 10: The 90's Are Vintage w/ WorkIt

I try to mix things up a bit on this blog so that it doesn't get too repetitive with my favourite things........but I just can't help myself when its something I'm passionate about and secondly when the story unfolds as amazingly as this.  Ive been covering the WorkIt enterprise since its inception and watching the empire evolve and blossom ever since.  So it was quite a momentous occasion for the crew to decamp from Dalston over to the Wonder Room at Selfridges.  Rory, Sara and Loren were commissioned by Linda Hewston to design T-Shirts as part of the new concept "The 90's Are Vintage".  As the store was spun some classic Whitney anthems, Linda told me how lovely the team had been to collaborate which point I looked over and the girls were dancing some Sascha Fierce moves behind the decks.  I never thought I would find myself grinding to Snoop on the shop floor of Selfridges but there you have it............they know how to WorkIt!  The t-shirt comes in 3 versions and have been hand screen printed by a friend in a limited run of 75 pieces.  
Keep your eye on their blog to see what else they have up their Versace sleeve............especially for interviews including a delve into the 90's Jamaican dancehall scene with photographer Wayne Tippetts.
(photos top to bottom:  Sara El Dabi & Loren Platt, the t's worn by Renee Rose-Ann Yearwood & Charlene Davies, Rosy Nicholas, Andrew Ibi in an amazing Stephen Jones hat, Shingai Shoniwa & Nasrin Jean Baptiste)
The store also has MAJOR original garms courtesy of Rellik including Pam Hogg and Vivienne Westwood which I will investigate furthur so watch this space.........

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