Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sun 17th Jan: Foale & Tuffin

I was born in the wrong era as far as clothes are concerned. Just look at these treats from the current Foale and Tuffin exhibition at The Fashion & Textiles Museum.  The name was on my radar but I really don't know anything about them so this is a brilliant eye opener to the brand by 2 of London's pop dress protagonists.  The duo met at the RCA and founded their label when they left in 1961, working on their dining room table using sewing machines bought as 21st birthday presents.  When sales escalated they moved out of their South Ken flat and set up premises and resulting prospering business just off Carnaby Street in 1964.  From an initial studio floor paying 6 guineas a week, they eventually took over the whole building and opened the ground floor as a shop.   They were known for being forerunners in creating the current trend in fun young styles but combining it with quality finish.  Their trademark look was a revolutionary trouser suit at a time when trousers weren't de riguer but it was their reactionary development from the miniskirt and stockings combo.  
My snaps are from 1 section of the exhibition as I didn't have time to look round the whole thing..........Ive got to go back!  Its on till the end of February so advise anyone to get down there!  Ive included a snippet of the film projection made for the show by Neath Films

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