Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wes 20th Jan: Attempted Deception

A few moons ago, I moonlighted on a couple of occasions assisting super set designer/art director Anna Burns.  I helped her make a replica SLR camera from card and a giant lifesize Godzilla costume!  Over these years (5 to be exact) Anna has been engineering and devising extra set up shots inbetween shoots to collate a catalogue of personal imagery.  She has collaborated with photographer Michael Baumgarten under the guise of The Deformers and published a book of these scenes named "Attempted Deception".   The themes are otherworldly with an international backdrop as they have moved around the globe during jobs on location.   It is almost a voyage through their dreamscape with narratives that are implausible and playful.  Infact. it's a little risque - so not a coffee table book to be purchased for a prude!   It seems that a book has been the perfect format for the pair to explore provocative extremes, perhaps not possible in you can see a set of backstage snaps from the process kindly sent to me by Anna for this post.

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