Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thurs 4th March: Dean Quinn

Here is Dean Quinn with a his new collection at London Fashion Week which he has now set up for sales in Paris .  Quinn's architectural bugle beading has taken a new technical direction since a wave of inspiration from sea urchins in the film "The Piano".  Apparently the piano is dredged from the depths of the ocean covered in a layer of black spiky parasites.  Dean got out his 1" beads and played around to fathom how to recreate the dense texture and domino malleability.  The compact shoulder caps sit atop soft Georgette and grosgrain panelled dresses.   These fabrics were chosen as they are comfortable to wear and transcend seasons.............easier said that done as they are notoriously difficult to work with but perfection when executed well.  Dean is never shy of a challenge so this is exactly the kind of flawless finishing that he imposes on himself.  Infact the whole collection amounts to 3000+ labour hours with the addition of the detailed embroidery.
The chevron white bugles that hold down patterns of trimming in rushed tulle came about from an original 1920's sample.  Dean is sponsored by the UK's embroidery institution "Hand & Lock" who sew for a plethora of clients from the Royal Family & military to adventurous bespoke commissions for leading designers.  With an archive since the original Huguenot 16th Century hereditary to his disposal, Dean stumbled across a particularly striking Art Deco reference.  He adapted the artistry and tweeked it to be tribal and contemporary to fit his A/W theme.  Thrown in with some specially pleated graphite lame, and sneaky sheer panelling, the whole thing is destined for the discerning best dressed............hell yes!

Fashion Scout Showroom, Ilan Engel Gallery, 77 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris, 

10:00 - 19:00

Friday 5th - Monday 8th March 2010, T: +33 (0)142 781 481, 


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