Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thurs 8th April: Supermarket Sarah "Royale with Cheese"

A few of us collected in the Wonder Room of Selfridges in wonder and awe at Sarah's "Wonder Wall" Royal with Cheese and give her a massive pat on the back.  Its now open to the public to "pick your own".............instead of clicking with a cursor it is totally interactive and a case of lifting the goods off the wall to buy them then and there.  Sarah will be replenishing with new varied items until the new theme next week................stayed tuned to find out!  But for now take your pic from a variety of designer and vintage treasures...........including specially commissioned Supermarket paraphernalia made by Georgina Bacchus .........and this outsize sewn canvas Tesco bag by Rebecca Manley and my own star clips which have been worn by Marina & The Diamonds.
Sarah is going to be explaining all online with her own blog as part of the new Selfridges website which is launching at a press event this evening........

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