Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tues 6th Arpil: Makeup by Megumi Matsuno

A couple of weeks ago I had my face transformed for a portrait by the brilliant Megumi Matsuno.
Not only is she an excited experimental  artist but she is a natural beauty who could quite easily do the modelling instead of the beauty!  Inbetween brush strokes she showed me some pages of her sketch book where she invents her looks.  I remembered one of a full face design like a skull from "The day of the dead".  
Via the magic force of facebook I discovered that this maquillage from Megumi has now reared its head in the form of a music video for Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary.  Rankin & Chris directed "Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've" a cover of the Buzzcocks original covered byThe  Noisettes.  Inbetween Shingai Shoniwa looking iconically beautiful are shots of an equally hot bodded boy made up with Megumi's master plan.  I got in touch with her to find out more:
"..............skull make-up that I had a offer from Rankin as a promotion.
He had an idea for crazy white skull make-up for black skin model and I just build up his idea to my artistic crazy style..
I drew 4 to 5 different style of skull and Rankin choose one of these.
Took 3 hours with 2 assistants.(Patrycja Grimm and Yuka Hirata).They helped me a lot!
I even didn't know that was used for them finally and I just know it from my assistant."  
To watch the full clip click below and to find out more about other bands involved in the project click here:
(Thanks to Megumi for her images)

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That face paint is too cool, I hope you wore it out and about.