Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sat May 8th: Mirror Mirror at Top Shop for SHOWstudio

SHOWstudio asked me to take seat in the hub and take over the guest slot as the voice of the mirror in their latest interactive project "Mirror Mirror".  To mark the arrival of Top Shop's new makeup range, the two power houses collaborated on inviting fashion industry artists to make contact with shoppers via a two way glass.  Customers can stand infront of their reflection and seek style advice from the establishment via a live feed of  interactive interaction thru an LED screen shining out across the structure.  I found it tricky to be of any help to the crop of uninspiring fashion lambs that came past during my hour at the helm................I'm so sorry, I am not usually negative but really every single girl looked the same and it drained me!  The only thing I could say towards the end was "Top Shop shoppers should keep shopping".   I find it so depressing when gorgeous looking gals feel the need to disguise their unique charm by hiding themselves in swathes of ethnic scarves.  Go get a life and get wearing some interesting accessories...........there is plenty in store to try out!  The highlight was blogger Shini Park coming to take her self-portrait in the to follow hopefully.
I nipped round the corner from SHOWstudio HQ to the flagship store to have a go myself and had a nice shy wave at Leith Clark who was the next contender.  Here are Nova Dando and Bubbles Gilmour who were manning the decks before me.  The event has been running for the last few days with input from the likes of Edward Enninful, Julie Verhoeven, Susie Lau, Bryan Boy, Mary Katrantzou and Katie Shillingford ending today.  Head down to Oxford Circus tomorrow if you are a Gaga fan as Nicola Formichetti will be at your disposal between 4-5.  Check the schedule for more info here.

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