Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tues 4th May: You, Me & Everybody Else - Part 1 - Annie Collinge

Its going to be Ladies Night on Thursday when 6 photographers come together to launch their documentary portrait exhibition.  I have contacted half of the group to each send me a selected shot as preview of their own projects and an explanation of their interpretation of the umbrella theme that unites each separate component.  I also requested the girls to send over a snap of their favourite camera equipment to get a sense of what they like shooting on............all photographers are secret tech geeks/pervs so I like to know which shutter release flicks the switch for every one I meet!

Last year Annie sent me lots of photos for a little write up about her blog.  One of the images really stood out to me and I'm so happy that she has delved deeper and developed it further into this series.............I can't wait to see it all on Thursday! 

The title "You, Me and Everybody Else" represents our theme of extended portraiture, the idea that we all spent some substantial time with our subjects, rather than just going round and papping them once.  It's also inspired by Miranda July's 2005 film, just incase anyone was wondering.  
I met Linda in the street in New York, I took some pictures of her and she said that she was happy for me to take some more later on, I was a little terrified, not of her, but of going round to a complete stranger's apartment to photograph her for no particular reason, other than my own amusement.  After the first time, I realised that she just really enjoys being photographed, her and her boyfriend spend the weekends doing shoots together for fun. It was very refreshing to meet someone who doesn't ask you why you feel compelled to take pictures of them wearing a china town dragon perched on her head or in a strange yoga pose.

Here is me trying and failing to take an arty picture of my canon G10.  At the moment this is my favourite thing, I can put it in my bag and forget about it and then, when I see two dogs in a pram or sea of gravestones out of a window, I can whip it out..

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