Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sun May 9th: Mirror Mirror at Top Shop for SHOWstudio by Shini Park


Here are the photos as promised from Shini Park who was an earlier guest to the Mirror Mirror line up on Friday.  I didn't recognise her, hidden behind her camera when she appeared on my screen to comment, but I did have a hunch she may be a blogger!  As it turned out I was correct as she came back to SHOWstudio to say hello in person!  Here are her snaps from infront of the mirror and back at the ranch where you can see how the whole thing is operated.
From my article yesterday explaining my wish for the mainstream mediocre trend followers to experiment a little bit with unique accessorizing it became food for thought with BryanBoy and his followers picking up on the notion.  

bryanboy Interesting insight from Fred Butler! Everyone, be individual!

fredbutlerstyle @bryanboy thanku for sharing my post! I really believe that accessorizing can open up discussion between strangers & bring humanity closer

@fredbutlerstyle I completely agree! That one question, "where did you get that", have started many friendships and acquaintances

Well, here I am with my Judy Blame rainbow necklace (kindly donated!), my own caterpillar necklace,  Steven Shein Spectrum Argyle Bangles (from Lazy Oaf), and my new fave accessory - a simple slinky worn as a bangle.  But perhaps the best accessory of the day was my neon yellow tulle pom pom archive AsFOUR bag which I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.  You can see my picture and everyone else at the facebook page here..............
Its the last day so get down to Top Shop.

(Many thanks to Shini for her see more follow her site Park & Cube)


Kit said...

I was there with Shini, it was good fun.

Style Slicker

Inside-Out (Topshop) said...

Great post! Glad you had fun x