Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tues 11th May: Hillman Studio installation for Haring at DSM

Hillman Studio spent their weekend down at Dover Street Market installing the latest window  display to launch the Tommy Hilfiger capsule collection of shoes for the Keith Haring foundation.  The range of wellington boots and sneakers has been designed with the foundation to raise money for its work in supporting AIDS and children's charities.   The interior has been designed in keeping with Keith Haring's original pop up shop on Lafayette Street.  In '86 Haring expanded his creative universe into the commercial context in order to open up the experience of his work to children who might not have had the opportunity to see it elsewhere.  In that vein I think this is a positive step to continue sharing his vision with the next generation that weren't around for the subway graffiti he penned himself.  Its incredibly important to keep his distinctive talent alive as his life was cut criminally short by the disease that the foundation is now actively generating funds to overcome.  If you have nippers in need of a new pair of kicks and the finances to invest in this cute collection take them down to Dover Street to have a look.
If you are in NYC you can put your Haring sneakers on to join the team on May 16th for the Aids Walk happening for the 25th year to raise money for HIV programs within the tri-state area..............its officially the largest AIDS fundraising event in the world!   

(For ladies of a more dainty disposition wishing for something more whimsical than a pair of high-tops, I hear whisperings of a Haring collaboration with Nicholas Kirkwood.........)

Thanks to Alex Cunningham for the snaps from when they were on site.

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